Authors in Italy: Breccia Cristina

Cristina Breccia was born in 1951 in Buenos Aires (Argentina) to a family with a great tradition of drawing and studied graphic arts and painting with eminent maestros.

Her first work, in 1973, was illustrating children's "newspapers".

From 1981 to 1985 she illustrated classic comics for adults, including some of Shakespeare's plays, which were published in Argentina, Spain and Italy.

In 1982 she began to do illustrations for a collection of international classics for young readers. In 1985 she began designing greeting cards and other stationery items.

In 1988 she began working with the Italian publication PIMPA, contributing pages of games that she also collects in albums published in Buenos Aires.

From 1992 to a few years ago, she collaborated with Anteojito, an Argentine paper.