Authors in Italy: Paiva Miguel

Miguel Paiva was born in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1950 and published his first vignettes for newspapers at the age of only 16.

He was already established as a professional illustrator for newspapers and had created his first children's comic book (CAPITAN ECO), at 24, when he left Brazil and came to Milan, where he lived until 1980, collaborating with the children's periodical, il Corriere dei Piccoli, and producing sophisticated comics for an older audience in the monthly magazine Linus.

When he returned to Brazil, he took up residence in Rio, where he has become one of the foremost Brazilian illustrators, with his work appearing in newspapers, advertisements, television and merchandising.

His RADICAL CHIC character, a sexy, snobbish woman who is a dedicated follower of fashion, has had enormous success in his home country. Then same satirical spirit, gently making fun of the upper middle class from the inside, animates the character of the comic strip GATAO DE MEIA IDADE.

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