Famous characters: La Linea

La Linea

LA LINEA, by Osvaldo Cavandoli (aka Cava).

LA LINEA, a masterpiece of animation. In Sweden, the character is known as Linus, in Hungary as Meno Mano and in Germany many have come to call him Lui, while to Canadians and South Africans he is known as Mister Line. His Milanese creator, the master of animation Osvaldo Cavandoli (CAVA, for short), simply dubbed him LA LINEA when he first introduced him in 1969, though millions of Italians who were charmed by this character at the time associated him with the products he advertised on television.

The character has since been featured on television (and even in the cinema) in fifty-odd countries and has been awarded prizes in international animated film festivals, as well as starring in over a hundred episodes or non-commercial entertainment, advertising campaigns, books, illustrations and appearing on a host of gadgets and objects. For almost thirty years now, La Linea has been represented and managed exclusively by QUIPOS worldwide.

Osvaldo Cavandoli passed away on March 3, 2007, but the work team he created and trained during his last years continues to produce work featuring his character.