Famous characters: Pimpa


PIMPA, a character who first appeared in 1975, created by Altan, is hugely popular with Italian toddlers (0-7). This little white dog with red spots behaves a bit like a girl and is always accompanied by Armando, a middle aged man who is her owner, her friend and a bit like an affectionate father as well. She meets many other friends during her adventures, like Rosita the cat, the bunny Coniglietto, Tito, Colombino, and Olivia Paperina, the duck who is the latest addition. Both teachers and parents admire the originality and creativity of the story lines.

PIMPA has been published in a monthly magazine format since 1987. For the past fifteen years, the magazine has been published by Franco Cosimo Panini.

The Panini publisher's catalogue also lists over a hundred titles for bookshops, from oversize volumes to pocket-sized cardboard books for toddlers to the traditional comic books. Multimedia CDs and audio CDs with children's songs are also quite popular.

Four half-hour TV specials have been broadcast, and three animated films have also been co-produced by Quipos, Franco Cosimo Panini and RAI television.

In Italy, PIMPA branded licensed merchandising includes stationery and school supplies,
chocolate eggs, underwear for children and adults, textiles, bicycles and helmets for children, etc.

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