Authors in Italy and Worldwide: Altan

Francesco Tullio-Altan (Altan), born in Treviso in 1942, is appreciated by a vast readership as a satirical cartoonist and exceptional author of illustrated books for adults.

In addition to the graphics and original storylines, critics laud his literary references. Furthermore, Altan is also one of Italy's foremost authors of children's books.

His character, PIMPA (comic strips, stories, books, games, TV programs, multimedia materials and live performances) is hugely popular with Italian children aged 0 to 7.

Another popular children's character is Kamillo Kromo, the chameleon. And his equally popular band of adult characters includes the iconic Cipputi, the archetypical factory worker, a blend of common sense and irony, curvaceous women with sharp tongues, the intrepid Ada, the sleazy Fritz Melone and the fictional historic figure, Colombo, all successful both in Italy and abroad.