Authors in Italy and Worldwide: Calligaro Renato

Renato Calligaro was born in a town named Buia, in Friuli, in 1928.

After the war that marked his adolescence, he spent extended periods of his youth studying and working in Brazil and Argentina, only to return to his native Friuli in the ‘60s, never to leave again.

Today his work ranges from painting to graphic design, satirical drawing and art criticism. His vignettes and illustrations have been published in various Italian periodicals, like Linus, and in the foreign press (Le Monde).

He continues to create graphic games and illustrations for children. He has developed and continues to extend the range of innovative works he calls "cartoon poems ", in which "the noble art of painting" is unfurled in lyrical-narrative sequences.

He has published a number of books and periodically exhibits his paintings in one-man shows.