Authors in Italy and Worldwide: Ghigliano Cinzia

Cinzia Ghigliano, born in Cuneo in 1952, works and lives in Mondovì.

Immediately following her graduation from an Art & Design High School, she began drawing comics for adults, in collaboration with her husband, Marco Tomatis, who provided the text. In 1977, their first stories, dealing with history and social issues, were published by the periodical Linus and then collected in book form.

For Amica, she created the character of Lea Martelli, a rare example of a feminist cartoon published by a mainstream women's magazine. Since that time, she has introduced numerous other comic characters (in particular, Solange) in other European countries, especially France.

Along with the cartoons, she busies herself illustrating a host of children's books, history and science texts and even calendars and books for businesses. Her drawings are exhibited periodically at various shows.

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