Authors in Italy and Worldwide: Novelli Luca

Luca Novelli was born in Milan in 1947 and still lives there today.

In the early '70s he earned a degree in Agronomy and began working in the sector while publishing, as a sideline, satirical comic strips and cartoons, like "Gli edenisti" and "the Graduate" series, in various newspapers.

His vignettes were later collected in a series of books published by Bompiani, Mondadori and Glénat Italia/RCS. This marked the start of his activity as an "independent communicator", to which he subsequently devoted himself full time. In 1979 he began writing and illustrating science books for children and young adults. These were the first illustrated science books dealing with ecology and biology.

In 1983 he wrote "Il mio primo libro sui computer" (My first computer book), published in Italy by Mondadori and translated into 14 languages, including English, Japanese, Spanish and Serbo-Croat. In 2000, for Editoriale Scienza, he created the "Lampi di genio" (Strokes of Genius) series, featuring biographies of famous scientists, which has been translated into 16 languages so far. The series generated a TV spinoff of the same name on Rai Educational, aired in 2009 and 2010.

In addition to publishing books without illustrations for an adult audience in which he presents scientific topics in a humorous light, Novelli has collaborated with Rai since 1986, as well as the WWF and various museums and universities.

Among others, he is the author of the series of books entitled "In viaggio con Darwin. Il secondo giro attorno al mondo" "Traveling with Darwin on the second voyage around the world), published by Fabbri/Rizzoli (2006/2007/2008).

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